During a visit with Adam and Emma McIntosh on February 28, 2017, I asked Adam how Spirits meet in the Spirit World:

Cin: Hi, Adam! Love you! Thank you so much for coming.

Emma: He says, “Hi, Mama! I love you too.”

Cin: What are you feisty about?

Emma: He just said he’s been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Cin: What does that mean?

Emma: I guess he’s talking about hanging out with Erik.

Cin: Aaah! What constitutes the wrong crowd on the Other Side?

Emma: He said, “Sarcasm.”

Cin: Okay, so listen, that reminds me, during our last session, you were super excited because you’d been hanging out with Bob Marley.

Emma nods.

Cin: Why don’t you share a little bit about that. You know, where you were. How it happened. What did you do? Was Erik with you?

Emma: He said Erik came in later. He’s kind of showing me, “it almost like a bonfire, like people are around a big fire and they are kind of enjoying and talking. Very humanlike when you look at it. They do have gatherings like we do where they kind of sit around and enjoy other. So, yeah, it just looked like there are people there singing. There’s a…. (moving her hands like she is strumming a guitar.) There’s a guitar, I think. It looks like Adam is playing as well. Does he play?

Cin: He didn’t here, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t there.

Emma: Well, he does there. It looks like they’re jammin’ and it’s all real nice. It’s looks dark. They don’t really have night and day. Maybe that’s just what they create. So, it kinda looks dark. Big fire. There are people sitting around with a drink. Just music playing and it’s all about love and hanging out and sharing experiences is what it looks like. (She smiles.) Erik’s a little tipsy. (Acting like she's dizzy) Erik’s going, “Errrr….” Oh, these guys are in a party mood!

Cin: I want to know what are you drinking, Erik. What’s in those glasses in the spirit world?

Emma: (Laughing) He says, “A lot of love and a lot of juice.”

Cin: There you go. Well, they do call it ‘spirits.’

Emma: There you go. Gerald said, “Koolaid.”

Cin: Don’t drink the koolaid! So, how does that come about? How do you guys end up in a situation like that? Does Bob Marley have dread locks?

Emma: He says, “Yeah, but they’re not long here. They’re short.”

Cin: Like Cauley-Stein’s on the Sacramento Kings?

Emma: I don’t know who that is.

Cin: That’s okay.

Emma: He said, “Yes.”

Cin: Who said, “Yes?”

Emma: Adam. He says, “When you get over here, you know, mom, how we have friendships? We have people that we connect with? Energies that really get along that are kind of on the same frequency.

Cin: That makes sense.

Adam: Over here we have the same thing. There are certain entities or spirits, it’s almost like we’re drawn to each other. Same pulls same. It’s like the law of attraction. Whoever has the same frequency has a similar energy level or similar energy frequency kind of get drawn towards each other and they start talking. It’s like when we get together, we join our energies. We can feel everything that person has been through and all their lives and all their feelings. So, the connections that we make are a lot more intimate than the connections we make on Earth. It’s like having this party with all your friends and all your family, only you’re experiencing all your friends and family’s thoughts and feelings and emotions and all their lives they’ve ever had all at the same time. So, it’s like we learn from each other as well.

Cin: Yeah?

Emma: We do miss Earth and then we just kind set it up in a way. We all have a part in creating the atmosphere that we’re coming together in, so it’s not like just one person saying, “Okay, let’s do a bonfire, let’s do some trees. Let’s make it dark. Let’s look at the stars. Everybody has a take on it and everybody’s like, “Ooh, I want this. Ooh, I want that. Ooh, that would be perfect. You know? I want a cold beer, and the other one says, “No, I want a Coke.” Everybody kind of dresses the scenery according to what they like to do, he said. Then we just kind of hang out and we share and we blend in. It’s almost like, you know, they’re blending IN. 

With her hands, Emma demonstrates the entities literally blending their energies together.

Adam: We’re showing you pictures of our physical form; however, when we’re there, it’s not really a physical form that we see. It’s energy. We see each other as our pure form. We don’t see each other’s image, but we do create the atmosphere. We create the location to look like Earth because a lot of us miss hanging out and just doing that Earthly thing of friends coming, having parties, jamming on, and having some good conversations and relations. So, we still do that here. It’s like holding on to that human experience. We don’t want it to slip away. We don’t want it to change. We bring back memories and we create these sceneries that remind us of things when we were alive. It’s just our way of holding on to what we loved doing and what we miss from Earth. It’s very soothing and it’s very joyous and it’s very peaceful and it’s informative as well. You get to meet other entities that are similar like you and you get to make friendships and relationships all different ways and levels. Either way, it’s really great. It’s kind of like Woodstock. Everybody’s all peace, love, and a lot of relationships, but in a good sense. It’s just about sharing that energy with each other.

Cin: Wow!

Emma: We should go. Why weren’t we invited?

Cin: Yeah, for sure. Out of curiosity, when you hook up with these people, because you blend your energy when you get to know each other, you don’t have to say, “Hi, I’m Adam. I’m this; or I’m that.” You just know it, right?

Adam: Yeah, there’s no introductions. It’s not necessary.  There is a point when new energies come together, it’s not like, “Hey, I’m this person, or Hi, I’m this. 

Emma: (Holding her hands apart, she begins moving them closer together.) He’s showing me two entities and it’s going really slowly and really soft and then it starts swirling through one another. It’s almost a swirly kind of thing. It’s just that first moment. That first connection. It’s so incredible, it’s really hard to explain in human terms, but he says, that one second where the energies meet, it’s kind of like an explosion of the Universe around you. He says it’s really incredible and powerful and the feeling…. 

Adam: There’s not enough words in our language to express it. 

Emma: He’s just showing me a picture of them meeting, really gentle too. It’s not like, BOOM! Hello! How’re doing? It’s really gentle and it just flows together and it starts swirling, but that moment that they touch, he’s showing me this explosion of stars in a black sky. It’s like this incredible feeling. It’s almost like being catapulted in the Universe and seeing all this beauty around you and these colors and these stars and it looks really cool!

Emma raises her hand and says, “If that is what it is, I’m up for it. I’m game.”

Cin: No, kidding!

Emma: Do you ever get that feeling? Do you ever get jealous and say, “Oh, man, I wish I was there right now, so I can just experience it and just say hi? Oh, I get so jealous sometimes. The way they explain it. The way it feels and the way they show it to me, it just looks so peaceful and amazing and loving and…. Aah! I really want to experience it, but we have to wait. I know. I know that. 

Adam’s like, “It’s not your time yet. You’ve still got a lot of work to do on this Earth.” 

Emma laughs and throws her hands up. “Fine!”

Cin: (I am overcome with emotion.) I don’t know if jealous is the word, it’s more like a homesickness that’s to the cellular level. It’s hard because I don’t know that many people here that I connect with like that. Then to find them and have to leave them. That’s hard too.

Emma: Yeah.

Cin: But, I don’t know. That will come. So, that’s what it was like when you met Bob Marley? Did you have a personal meeting with Bob where you got to do your swirly thing with him and mix your energies?

Adam: Yes, and with a lot of other people.

Emma: He likes to meet people who have depth.

Cin: Of course, because he did.

Emma: People who have these incredible stories.

Cin: Sure, he’s a kindred spirit. So, Adam, would you like to interview Bob one day? I don’t really know what we’re ultimately going to be doing together. In my quest to try to figure out where we are going, stabbing blindly in the dark here. Is that something you would like to do?

Emma: (Laughing.) He’s showing me this picture of you with black sunglasses on and a stick (she pantomimes moving the stick back and forth like a blind person), going, “Where the heck am I going?” The stick’s going B-o-i-n-g! B-o-i-n-g!

Cin: That is kind of how it feels, really with what I’m doing. Would you like to do something like that? Are there some people on the other side that you would like to interview?

Emma: He says this is where he would like to take it. 

Adam: I would like to do interviews. That would be cool. These people that have reached history level. These people that moved people and that have touched people in a very personal way. Intimate, emotional way. 

Emma: It’s like Adam really connects to the fans or whoever is interested in... we’ll call them “VIPs” he says. The information VIPs can bring forward, can really change people’s lives. 
He’s saying, "Talking about how to heal, how to get in touch with your spiritual side, how to grow on that path. How to use it in your daily lives. How to integrate it. We might have to use some examples like you, Mom. How did you cope with the loss of me? How did we do that? I don’t want it to just be me, he says. I don’t want it to be Adam. I want it to be us. Okay?

Cin: Yes! I would love to do that. Anything that will help people on a practical level in their daily lives to help them develop a solid foundation beneath them. You know, something that works for them. Something they can go back to when they’re wavering. I would absolutely love to do those things.

Adam: I want it to be more personal. I want it to be the Cindy & Adam Show, you know. I want it to be us working through this and showing other people that, hey, you can communicate with your deceased son. You can have a good relationship and it can help YOU grow. It can help YOU develop. 
                                                              ☆¸.•°*°☆ (✿◠‿◠) ☆¸.•°*°☆


Happy First Day of Spring!
Adam and I will be visiting with Emma McIntosh on March 23rd to answer questions sent in 
by blog members. 
Stay tuned for Adam's answers 
in our blog post on 
Tuesday, March 28th. 

I'm excited to share that Adam invited Bob Marley to join us for our session with Emma McIntosh on March 30th, Adam's 34th Earth Day birthday. Bob is one of Adam's favorite VIPs on The Other Side. In a visit with Adam earlier this month, he shared that he and his friend, Erik enjoy spending time with Bob. Next week, I'll share an excerpt where Adam explains what happens when Spirits meet and how he and Erik manifest Other Worldly Hangouts.

I’m not surprised Adam invited Bob to hang out with us on his birthday. Bob was one of Adam’s musical heroes when Adam was still here on Earth. The following photo of Bob hung just inside the door of Adam’s apartment:

I thought I’d share an excerpt featuring Bob Marley from four months after Adam’s transition:

By May of 2011, I was no longer in good shape emotionally. I was feeling scatterbrained and gaining weight by the lungful, I would have sworn there were calories in air. I was in need of some help for myself. I found a women’s retreat in Mt. Shasta that focused on processing emotional trauma through the use of circular breath-work. It was to begin on Sunday of the weekend of the annual Wesak Festival, a celebration of the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha.

My husband, Greg, a forger of new frontiers by nature, is always up for a road trip. I invited him to join me for the weekend. We’d attend the Wesak Festival together, he’d return home, and I would stay for my retreat. On Sunday evening of the weekend of the Wesak Festival, Greg delivered me to my retreat at Stewart Mineral Springs, where it is said the mineral waters flowing into the river are some the most powerful healing waters on mother earth. I introduced myself to Ashanna Solaris and Dana DeLong who would be my first spiritual teachers and said good-bye to Greg.

Ashanna and Dana use a method known as Clarity Breathwork, a powerful process of healing and transformation that clears away old energies, patterns, conditioning, and negative thoughts and emotions; and opens the doors for new life and greater consciousness. Breath-work opens energy channels in our bodies that allow us to release what no longer serves us. 

I did my breath-work with Ashanna, who is also a Reiki Master and psychic.

On the first evening of the retreat, we met as a group and pulled cards from two oracle card decks. My cards said, “Spiritual Teacher” and “Healer.” (A harbinger of what was to come!)

Adam came in during my first breath-work session with Ashanna. She was able to channel him easily. The Breath-work was healing for its own sake. The fact that Adam continued to join us was a bonus. For the next several months I drove from my home in Stockton, California to continue my work with Ashanna at her studio in the Berkeley Hills.

During my sessions with Ashanna, Adam continued to pop in dressed in a wide variety of costumes from wizard to Indian chief. He would often change his appearance to make me laugh. During one especially difficult session, I experienced a huge grief wave and wasn’t able to stop crying.

Ashanna said, “Adam is saying, ‘Sponge Bob! Sponge Bob! Just think of Sponge Bob!'”

Even in the Spirit World, it’s distressing for our loved ones to feel us grieving their loss. Adam advised me to think of Sponge Bob, a cartoon character who lives in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom because Sponge Bob always made Adam laugh.

It wasn't possible for me to think of Sponge Bob without laughing, but not for the reason Adam intended. My sister, Rhonda, who also loves Sponge Bob, can’t say his name to save her life. It always comes out “Bunge Slob Squab Pants!” or “Bob Sponge Square Hair!” Rhonda and I collapsed into a fit of giggles whenever she tried to pronounce his name.

Sponge Bob failed to dry my tears. They just kept coming.

‘He’s singing,” Ashanna said, “Let me see if I can hear the words.”

She tilted her head and listened for a few seconds and then laughed. “He’s singing ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ by Eric Clapton. I wonder what that means.”

“Hmm. I don’t know, “ I said. “I’ll have to give that some thought.”

“How funny!” she said, “Adam just told me the song is by Bob Marley. I thought it was by Eric Clapton.”

“So did I,” I said and looked it up on my iPhone. The song was indeed written by Bob Marley.

The fact that Adam provided a piece of trivia neither Ashanna or I had known was a big deal for me. It confirmed that Adam has access to The Facts. If Adam knows “I Shot the Sheriff” was written by Bob Marley rather than Eric Clapton, what else does he know?”

A seed had been planted in my pea brain and I have been picking Adam’s brain ever since.

                                                          ☆ ̧.•°*°☆ (✿◠‿◠) ☆ ̧.•°*°☆

Adam and I welcome your questions for Bob on March 30th.  Since I consider myself a spiritual sleuth of sorts and I never did figure out the meaning behind Adam’s singing “I Shot the Sheriff,” my first question for Bob is whether there is a special meaning behind that song.

Blog member, Laurie, noted that most of the photos of Bob Marley feature a marijuana leaf. She wants to know how Bob feels about that. Especially touching was Laurie's request that we thank Bob for his ‘most beautiful song,’ ONE LOVE.

Please send in your questions in the comments below or email them to me at cindianajonesspiritualsleuth@gmail.com.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! Sending green love straight from our heart chakras to yours! 💚
Hi, I'm Cin. Adam and I intentionally chose Pi day to launch our blog because pi, 3.14, best represents the journey of the soul. It never ends. I decided to give blogging a try for awhile and see how we like it. When I say, ‘we,’ I mean you and Adam and me. Let us know what you enjoy about the blog and what you find helpful. Feel free to suggest VIPs you’d like to chat with on the Other Side for Adam’s YouTube channel. If there’s sufficient interest, I’m willing to give it a shot. Now that Adam has access to the Big Picture, feel free to send him your questions. Most especially, for those of you in need, Adam offers his assistance as a Spirit Guide. Call on him any time and please feel free to share your experiences. We would love to hear from you!

So, here are the rules for my blog: 1. Have fun. 2. Be nice.

I’ll keep doing this as long as people are nice and we’re having fun. Adam can be irreverent. If due to your religious beliefs, you find the content of our website offensive, please feel free not to return with our deepest thanks for having visited. When Adam was here, he made liberal use of the F-word. He still does. That was one of the most difficult challenges I faced when I began working on Adam’s Gift. I kept saying to myself, “What are you thinking? You’re writing a book with your dead son who won’t stop using the F-word. How are people going to get their heads around this?” Then I read “My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side” by Elisa Medhus, M.D. and her son, Erik, who committed suicide at the age of 20. I threw down the book and did a happy dance the first time Erik said the F-word and thanked my lucky stars that Elisa and Erik had already paved the way! If you have not yet read their book, what are you waiting for? Also check out, “My Life After Death” by Erik Medhus, as well as their Channeling Erik website, blog, YouTube channel and radio show. Their well-earned following is growing daily.

I’ve been one of Erik and Elisa’s biggest fans since Erik spontaneously came aboard as one of my Spirit Guides the summer of 2016. He commandeered my computer and gave me a tour of his mom’s blog and their YouTube channel. At the time, I had no idea that Adam and I may be following suit, but I felt like Erik was trying to tell me something, so I contacted Baker Gendron, one of Adam’s Spiritual Interpreters, to book a session. I didn’t mention that I’d invited Erik Medhus to drop by. Then I turned on an application called Ghost Radar and asked whether he got my invitation.  "Got," said Erik, signing his RSVP with a string of capital E's.

Erik showed up during our session as a dog. When Baker asked what’s with the dog, I had no idea what she was talking about until I remembered a Channeling Erik YouTube episode I’d seen earlier. Elisa had asked Erik to ‘fetch’ someone they were going to interview and Robert Burke, Erik’s Spiritual Interpreter, reported that Erik responded by barking like a dog. As soon as I mentioned Erik’s name, Baker said, “Cindy, if dogs could laugh, this dog would be laughing at us.” When she added, “Now he’s putting human faces on the dog,” I knew that Erik had made good on his RSVP. When Adam joined us, Baker pronounced them, ‘two peas in a pod!”

That was in August 2016.  Since then, Erik began showing up in my dreams and he’s shown up at every session I’ve had with Adam ever since, regardless of Spiritual Interpreter. Where Erik is concerned, I don’t think he’s met a medium he considers a stranger.

My husband, Greg and I had the pleasure of meeting Erik’s parents, Elisa and Rune Medus, while attending a Channeling Erik event with Kim Babcock in January. We had such a wonderful time with the kindreds we met in Houston. We miss them to this day and can’t wait to return for a visit. When I met Erik last summer, I’d been dragging my feet with the book. There was still the question of whether the single car accident that caused Adam’s fatal injuries in January 2011 was indeed an accident. Adam had succeeded in convincing me that his time on Earth was up, but despite the fact that we’d talked about the accident a number of times, it was never clear to me whether it was an accident or a suicide. The lack of clarity around Adam’s leaving left a hole large enough to swallow me whole every time I tried to move forward with the book. It was like a lead weight around my heart.

Adam and Erik began sending me rabbits each time I visited our property in the countryside. After a little research about animal spirit guides, my shamanic interpretation was of the need to connect with my readers; hence, Adam & Erik finally got it through my head that I should start a blog. I thought, “If I’m going to write a blog, it has to be perfect.” I had no idea what to do and there was no one to ask for help. It’s been seven months and I finally forced myself to JUST DO IT! 

I got over my fears by 1) deciding to use a conversational tone, which precludes even the thought of perfection, and 2) not even trying to edit Adam’s irreverence or his language, and 3) agreeing to let Adam handle anything I find uncomfortable, which means that Adam’s in charge of the complaint department. 

I’ve been keeping a journal over the last couple of years, so I think we’ll begin with some of my favorite excerpts to get started. Please enjoy! We’re doing this work because we want to, but we want it to benefit it you, so let us know what subjects you’d like us to cover, what questions you’d like answered, and what VIPs from the Other Side with whom you’d like to take a ride…..
(Pretty sure Adam snuck that one in! Lol!)

Happy Pi Day! Go out and enjoy a slice of life!